Sacred Sexuality Coaching

At its highest and best, sexuality is the expression of our ability to love. It is the second most important aspect of who we are besides being human. Diana is a certified life and relationship coach and a trained sacred sexuality coach. She also brings her professional expertise as a licensed clinical social worker, certified sex therapist, and yoga teacher to her work of creating a sacred and safe space within which an individual or couple can learn to integrate sexuality, spirituality, love and intimacy into their everyday lives.

Diana teaches people how to prolong their orgasms and have multiple orgasms. She helps people do sacred spot work (the Graffenberg spot). She trains people how to transform their sexual energy so that they can connect to the divine in themselves, their partner and all of life. She helps men and women last longer and helps them resolve blocks to deepening their intimacy. Blocks may include unresolved conflict in oneself or one's partner, discomfort with sexuality, fear of intimacy, differences in sex desire or sexual arousal patterns, difficulty achieving orgasm or having erections, history of sexual abuse or boredom with the relationship. As these or other blocks are resolved, consciousness is heightened and sexual liberation is achieved. We learn that sexuality is love and that loving is really what makes us happy.

Diana offers this service through 50-minute phone sessions for $125 an hour. You will get an intake form that will help you identify the issues you want to focus on and the vision you have for your sexual and spiritual relationship.

Call 1-928-445-7501 for more information or to register for coaching.

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Tantra Talk Radio


Diana's weekly radio program exploring relationship, sacred sexuality, spirituality and love in our everyday lives.

A delectable mix of interviews and call-in questions with practical answers about your relationship, your sex life, and integrating love and spirituality.

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Relationship as Spiritual Path Retreats

A playshop for couples and singles to deepen intimacy and love, and to heighten their experience of sexuality as a vehicle for opening to greater love, joy, ecstasy and bliss in their relationship with themselves, their partner, loved ones and life itself.

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